Welcome to my website, I am so excited to have you here! 

My name is Viktoriia and I am a photography storyteller. 

Born and raised in Ukraine, destined to settle in the United States. Graduated from university as a journalist but eventually found myself as a wedding and family photographer. My journey to photography started in 2013, since than I turned my hobby into a commercial business in 2019.

I specialize in Wedding and Family Photography. I love to cover different types of weddings, starting with classic and ending with traditional Indian and Pakistani. Also I absolutely adore to capture warm photo stories for families and their kids. 

With every photo I take we make a new story together that will live in generations and one day become your family legacy. Being a photographer for me means that I follow my dream and fulfill my destiny. It is a great honor to be a part of a special day for every special person who became my client.

Pittsburgh wedding and family photographer

Pittsburgh wedding and family photographer


Pittsburgh wedding and family photographer


Pittsburgh wedding and family photographer


  Photography is a timeless art. As well as it is a legacy of most precious memories in people’s lives. Behind every photo you may find more than just a story. It is a special time capture which brings a person right back into that moment. 

  Frequent Questions  

How do I reserve you for my date?

All photography reservation require a deposit. The deposit is required to hold your photoshoot date and time. The deposit amount varies depending on a photoshoot type. $200 for a regular hourly shoots and 20% from the wedding packages rate. 

Please note that Security deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation or reschedule. All rescheduled shoots require a new deposit for a new date booking.

Weather policy

I work rain or shine, so If weather conditions are not ideal but workable, we are still on. Most of my work is done outdoor, and weather is always fundamental, but even through the rain we can make the best of it.

However If our session has to be postponed due to a very bad weather, you will not loose your deposit, we will simply reschedule. 

In the rare cases when the weather causes us to reschedule and there is no dates client is available, unfortunately security deposit will not be refunded.

Lateness Policy

I encourage and strongly recommend to all my clients to arrive at least 10 minutes early for the photoshoot. 

If you are late, I will work for the remained of your allotted session timeframe only. No exceptions. No show — no refund.  

Cancelation/ Reschedule Policy

Security deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation or reschedule. It is your responsibility to inform a Photographer of your intent not to proceed with the shoot on booked date and time. 

However, in case of extreme weather conditions, or family emergency, such as illness or other sufficient reason you can be granted only 1 reschedule for your shoot. This does not include weddings. 

Also please note that if shoot is to be rescheduled, new date has to be assigned within the 3 months. If this rule is not honored, your security deposit will not be refunded.

How do I process/edit your photos?

Color correction, standard image enhancing is the basic editing that is included in all of my packages. Photoshop (retouched photos) is only included in limited amount of delivered photos depending on a package chosen by a client. 

The “editing” process includes a check for each photo for overall quality, exposure, crop, and color balance. “Retouching” is optional and always available at the additional cost by the package quantity or $15 per image. Usually retouching includes: removal of unwanted objects/people from background, smoothing and cleaning skin, work with hair, whitening teeth, accentuating features, and sliming down areas. 

How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session? From a wedding?

Usually all my packages show the approximate amount of the processed images. However, I try to deliver even more color corrected photos than promised. On average, for 1 hour shoot, I usually process around 65 color corrected photos and more.    

Do you help with picking the location and outfits?

My goal is for your to enjoy and be happy with our photoshoot results. Therefore I do help your along the process of the preparation to our shoot. It includes: personal consultation, picking the location, preparing the outfits and props, discussing must have shots etc. Also I would love to bring your ideas to life and make a styled shoot at your dream location.  

Does your studio provide videography services?

I provide only photography services. However, I definitely can recommend a good videographer upon your request.  

Do you do destination weddings?

Most of bookings I receive from New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, however I do love to travel for destination weddings and elopements ELSEWHERE. For more details please submit a quote request within contact menu.

Do you provide partial day coverage?

Yes, I do. You may want to discover my packages rate first, and if you don’t find your match, please submit your quote request.   

What if I need my photos sooner than the estimated turnaround time?

If you need your photos processed sooner, there is an option for an expedited editing for an additional fee. 

All other shoots are processed in the order they were received.

Will we get the RAW files?

Same to how a chef wouldn’t serve you uncooked food at a restaurant, I don’t give RAW or unedited files to my clients. Often people don’t even have the programs to handle RAW files and get really upset discovering that RAW files look extremely disappointing, that’s is the main reason and concern not to provide RAW files. 

Who owns the copyright of the photos?

All photos are subject to copyright. As the creator, I reserve the rights to all of my photos, however I grant my clients permission to use the photos for their personal use. You can share them with loved ones, you can make your own prints. You can also share them on social media. 

Limitations include selling my photos to magazines or any third party without giving photo credit and getting written permission from me, Viktoriia Kostiuk.